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#projectbug Khepri

The characteristics of the ancient Egyptian god Khepri were inspired by observations of the sacred scarab beetle, a type of dung beetle. Khepri is the god of the rising sun, responsible for the movement of the sun into the other world in the evening and the sun's renewal at dawn, a duty derived from the observation of dung beetles rolling balls of dung up to 10 times their own weight. The name Khepri, which includes the hieroglyphic image of a beetle, is thought to mean "he who comes into being out of nothing."  The ancient Egyptians believed that these beetles existed only as males and spontaneously emerged into life out of dung balls and carrion.   

Materials: metalic blue leather, beetle wings, facetted crystals

Art Direction/Stylist: Mio Guberinic
Photography: Jose Alejandro Espaillat
Designers: Mio Guberinic in collaboration with Alexa Cach of House of Cach
Hair: Lorenzo Diaz
Makeup: Darrell Thorne
Model: Dylan Monroe