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#projectbug renewal

The cicada lives most of its life underground as a flightless juvenile in what is called the nymph stage, feeding off the roots of trees.  At the end of this stage, it surfaces from the ground.  The cicada then emerges from its juvenile body, leaving behind the relatively intact exoskeleton of its nymph stage, and takes flight as a mature adult.  Because of its unique life cycle, the cicada has long been a symbol of reincarnation in Eastern cultures. 

Headpiece and Neckpiece:  vintage brass structural components, preserved cicada specimens, smokey quartz, rhinestone rondelles, facetted crystal.  

Corset & Bottom Garments:  hand-painted Italian lambskin, gold plated brass corset closure, vintage chain, faceted crystal.

Art Direction: Alexa Cach/Bob Packert
Photography: Bob Packert
Headpiece & Neckpiece: HOUSE OF CACH featuring Alexa Cach, Kurt Uccello, Corey Gomes, Katerina Pedersen
Garments: Candice Wu Couture (gown for mother), Katerina Pedersen (gown for little girl), HOUSE OF CACH & Candice Wu Couture (corset & bottoms)
Makeup & Hair: Jeremy Stone, Noel MacKinnon, Kashmir Asvaraksh
Models: Maggie Skinner (The Beauty Within Agency) and Katya Folan