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#projectbug defense

Our innate fear of insects likely evolved as a mechanism to protect us from getting bitten, stung, or poisoned, which are the insects' own protective mechanisms to avoid harm from us and other potential predators. This dynamic of mutual self-defense applies to interactions of all creatures, including human relationships. What for one creature or person is an important element of self-defense is a potential attack to the other. 


Shoulder Cage:  black corseting, preserved cicada specimens, facetted crystal, rhinestone rondelles.
Necklace:  plastic mesh, black Italian lambskin, vintage steel findings, faceted crystal
Face Mask:  black metal mesh, preserved cicada specimens, facetted crystal, rhinestone rondelles. Backpiece & Headpiece:  silver plated chain (curb, snake, & box chains), resin cast beetles.

Art direction: Alexa Cach/Bob Packert
Photography: Bob Packert
Jewelry, Metal shawl, Headpieces, and Accessories: HOUSE OF CACH featuring Alexa Cach, Molly Northern, Kurt Uccello, Corey Gomes, Katarina Pedersen
Garments: Candice Wu Couture
Makeup and Hair: Jeremy Stone, Noel MacKinnon and Kashmir Asvaraksh
Models: Alexandria Serafini (Maggie Inc), Maggie Skinner (The Beauty Within Agency)