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#projectbug decay

We naturally have a negative perception of decomposition and decay, associating these processes with things that are rotten and malodorous. However, our own decay and that of every living creature is a vital process in nature. Though gruesome, the decomposition of the body serves a key purpose in the cycle of life, nourishing other creatures through the breakdown and recycling of organic matter. Beetles are most efficient in their ability to clean bone without damaging even the most delicate skeletal remains, and are used by museums and archives in the preparation of specimens. The concept of decay teaches us that nothing is permanent.


Shoulder/Neck Harness:  cream Italian leather, bone, beetles, clear quartz crystal, freshwater pearl.
Belts: cream Italian leather, clear quartz crystal, freshwater pearl.
Headpiece: bone, freshwater pearl, facetted crystal.

Art direction: Alexa Cach/Bob Packert
Photography: Bob Packert
Jewelry, Accessories & Harness: HOUSE OF CACH featuring Alexa Cach, Molly Northern, Corey Gomes
Garments: Candice Wu Couture
Makeup & Hair: Jeremy Stone, Noel MacKinnon and Kashmir Asvaraksh
Models: Alexandria Serafini (Maggie Inc), Beau Johnson