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#projectbug taking flight

"There is a duality in the nature of insects and humans with both aggressive and passive, dark and light, solitary and social, ugly and beautiful aspects to both worlds. Perhaps it is this relationship that we have with the insect world that both intrigues and disgusts our senses and induces such strong physical reactions." Source Unknown

House of Cach's #projectbug 2013/14 deals with the fascinating world of insects and was executed in collaboration with multiple artists. The intricate beauty of insects has inspired artistic creation for millennia. In jewelry design in particular, insects have been a common motif that has been repeated throughout the ages. Yet, our actual encounters with insects in daily life typically evoke fear or disgust.  We have all jumped at the sight of some creature smaller than a thumbnail! Perhaps this is due to our instinctive association of insects with the risk of potentially lethal, or at least painful, bites and stings. House of Cach is known to find beauty in the unexpected and the uncomfortable. The work created within #projectbug tells stories which contrast beauty and vibrancy with decay and death, and ultimately merge these concepts through wearable fashion art pieces.

Video by Bob Packert